Enrollment rate of JLPT certified member is 90%.
We provide Japanese-quality Resources.
TFO Strengths
Build Trust
with Japanese
We are executing Japanese management and administration. Our Japanese members work closely with our clients and are take charge of the project. As a result, we are able to continue providing a sense of trust as a Japanese company.
Commit to
We place the highest priority on delivering High quality, in specific, Japanese quality. In Vietnam, where the IT industry is changing and growing rapidly, quality is sometimes given less priority because of the emphasis on speed. Therefore, we believe that we can provide value by achieving both High Quality and Speed.
IT Human
and Training
In the rapid-growing IT industry of Vietnam, job hopping has become the norm, with many engineers repeatedly changing jobs in a short period of time in search of better opportunities. We train our engineers with a long-term perspective, in hope to deepen their knowledge and experience and focus on a 5 - 10 year career path.
Contract Type
We will propose a development type that meets your needs.

Lab type

The contract type in which a dedicated team is formed to handle the customer’s business and the contract lasts for a certain period of time (several months to one year).

Agile type



Contractor type

A type in which development is based on the specifications and requirements from clients, and deliverables is delivered by deadline.

Waterfall type



Case Studies with LINE Development
Our group company, CNCTOR Japan Co., Ltd., is a certified as LINE Technology Partner.
Online survey system specializing in food, beverage, beauty, lodging
This is a user-friendly online system that specialize in real stores, such as restaurants and pubs, beauty and nail salons, hotels and inns as well as transforms customer surveys from paper to digital.
Automatic reservation management system that utilizes LINE official accounts
This is a chatbot reservation system that specializes in acquiring loyal customers. Customers can make a reservation in only 3 seconds with chatbot (auto responder).
A 3-density countermeasure LINE system that visualizes the congestion status of facilities in inns and hotels
Utilizing IoT and BLE technology, the system detects congestion in hotel facilities and visualize it via LINE from lodgers’ smartphones.
Case Studies with System Development
We offer a variety of development types
Optional Services
We also offers various BPO services that are required in conjunction with system development.
Data entry agency
Operation after system development is the most important. If human resources are needed for data entry after the start of operation, we can provide Vietnamese staff who are fluent in Japanese (N2 or above) and they will input data on your behalf.
EC operation agency
Depending on the type of business, EC operations may handle thousands or tens of thousands of items. We can handle everything from photo/text registration and editing to reporting on your behalf.
Translation services
Our Vietnamese staff can translate from Japanese to English, as well as Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean.
Call center operations
We have Japanese members who work as operators. After the system is operated, we can also provide customer support and other call center services.
Price List
This is the fee for each personnel resource in system development.
400,000 JPY
300,000 JPY
200,000 JPY
200,000 JPY
What is BPO?
The adoption of BPO is expected to improve the competitiveness of companies and organizations by reducing routine work, cutting off non-core tasks, reducing costs, and allowing them to focus on their core business. As an effective means in the settings of globalization and labor shortages, we would like to fully support companies in building optimal operations.
Have you encountered any problems like these?

In-house resources are not cost-effective

No time to teach newbies. Few people can do the work.

It’s a simple task, but it takes time to input

Quality varies from worker to worker.

Too many tasks to do and no time to work on important ones.

Too many works and low profit margin

\ Merits of adopting BPO /
Time and cost savings
Let us handle your time- consuming and troublesome tasks, including process management.
Increased productivity and
customer satisfaction
No need for training!
Our knowledgeable staff will work to improve your productivity.
Quality UP Profitability UP
We provide high quality on a low budget. We can flexibly respond to various needs.
Examples of adopting BPO Service
Translation support service
Translation of Japanese articles, reviews, manga, etc. into English and other languages.
・Translate Japanese online articles into English, including technical terms.
・Write replies to reviews in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, etc.
・Support for special writing styles such as onomatopoeia and imitative words.
・Support in creating templates and simplifying tasks.
Image editing service
We provide character design, coloring, and image editing services for all kinds of work.
Illustration editing, character design, English-Japanese translation of CG comics, vertical production, coloring, you name it, we will do it!
We also offer manga translation services for all genres. Shonen manga, shoujo manga, seinen manga, women’s manga, teen love (TL), boys’ love (BL), adult, etc.
Example: Update hotel reservation management website
Update plan on the
management website
Calculate and
input fees
Website management and editing
We can handle a wide range of sites, including hotel reservation sites and restaurant portal sites.
STEP 1 Develop accommodation plans, and create price list STEP 2 Input prices in management tool STEP 3 Confirm work, all questions are handled in Japanese STEP 4 Prepare reports and report in MTG
Data entry
Support data entry in any format
We can handle PDF data, Excel data, information on designated websites, etc. in Japanese and in any other language.
We can handle a wide range of data, including kanji, katakana, English, and numerical data.
Handwritten data entry
Example: Data entry of handwritten questionnaires for hotels and inns.
CS Service (Call center construct)
Call center support
・Handle sales calls (both inbound and outbound)
・Answer calls from customers
・List up problems and make improvements
・Report tasks
Customer center support
・Support call handling (both inbound and outbound)
・Answer calls from customers
・Initial setup and maintenance of apps and services
・List up problems and make improvements
・Report tasks
Adoption Flow
Operation starts in about 2 weeks
Approximately 2 weeks

Preparation period Operation Meeting Test Application Confirm contract booth and tool Start of operation Confirm test TFO Client TFO TFO Client TFO Client

Service Price
BPO service
CS service
Monthly fee
180,000 JPY〜
180,000 JPY〜
250,000 JPY/month
Management fee
A management fee (20% of the monthly fee) will be added.
※The monthly fee is for one booth. One booth is defined as one person operating for 8 hours on weekdays.
※A minimum of two booths is required.
※Please inquire for more information about holiday support and changes in business hours.