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Work that is forced to be done does not create new value.
We put the right person in the right place to ensure the productivity of the team working with clients. Our ability to provide resources that match the needs of our clients allows us to create major business reforms.

Bring Happiness to
People Around the World

Since the launch of new business department, we have been striving to create solutions for DX and CX, which are difficult to materialize.
Even though the speed of IT adoption differs from country to country, enriching the lives of people around the world is what we will continue to challenge.

CEO Message

I believe that Vietnam is a country with infinite potentials. Three years ago, I moved from Japan to Vietnam and started working. First of all, it was encouraging to see young people like me using a second language and working on a global stage. The way everyone, even part-time members, committed themselves to their responsibilities while working made me feel a sense of similarity to the honest and diligent culture of the Japanese. Moreover, there are many members who could do things that I, as a Japanese, cannot. Since then I started to think, “I want to elevate the value of these members even higher.”

Vietnam is in the phase of rapid growth in the IT industry. I  believe that one day Vietnam will overtake Japan’s IT level. The average age of Vietnamese people is about 30 years old. We want to do our best in supporting young members, who have unlimited potentials by providing them with experiences and opportunities that will be useful in the future.

From the perspective of offering services to our clients, we are committed to providing value in terms of high quality, rather than low labor costs. For this reason, we do not make members to do work that they do not wish to do, but rather we assign members with work that can only be done by them, through which providing high quality value and this is also our policy.

Reira Soeda

Leader Member

Hori Shota
Suzuki Shinji
We will continue to grow together with our clients!

Our company was established in 2018 and became a joint venture between Vietnam and Japan in 2019 with investment from CNCTOR Japan Co., Ltd. In Japan, as the birthrate declines, the population ages, and the labor shortage issue becomes more serious, the number of companies entering the Vietnamese market is increasing every year. Vietnam is attracting attention because of its rapid market growth and large number of young and talented human resources. I am a Vietnamese who first came to Japan when I was in the first grade of elementary school and have been living in Japan for 17 years. In Japan, I have the opportunities to experience high-level services provided to customers, the diligence towards working, and a world-class technology. Making use of this experience, I founded The First One JSC as a company that pursues quality and continues to take on challenges so that clients can use our services with peace of mind. All the staff members are cooperative, respectful towards each others and always strive to expand business together with our clients. We will never be satisfied with the current status quo, but always continue to improve client and employee satisfaction. We aim to be the most trusted partner to our clients and continue to grow together with them.

Chairman of the BOD
Pham Viet Hoang

The move to be made in the New Normal Era

With the IT revolution and the development of technology, the world has become much closer. I am also developing my business in Japan. The way we work, especially the way we create teams, does not follow a traditional organization. I am promoting a cloud- based team structure that incorporates remote work and outsourcing, which generates flexibility regardless of location. In Vietnam, there are many young and talented people, thus I am eager to take that as opportunity. Moreover, they are sincere and warm-hearted, so we decided that they would be the best country to build my ideal team. In the midst of an unpredictable and uncertain society such as the global financial crisis and coronavirus infections, we must be flexible and bold in our way of thinking to improve productivity. This is a very crucial move that a business needs to make, and I have a strong belief that The First One JSC is the part of team that can make it happen.

Yasuhiro Nakahama

Company Profile

Company name

The First One JSC


9F Suced Building, No 108 Nguyen Hoang St., My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Ha Noi, Vietnam


March 14th, 2018


6,000,000 JPY


System development

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70 employees


Reira Soeda


+84 2462-596-061



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